• Handmade Custom Fine Jewellery

    Handmade Expressions Of Enigma And Beauty- Custom Fine Jewellery Collection @ Stephanie Wong

    Created to express love, faith, confidence and enigma- the handmade custom fine jewellery collection at Stephanie Wong’s is an inspiration in itself.

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  • Modern Nostalgic Jewellery

    Traditional PracticesModernDesigns- The Vibrant Collection of Modern Nostalgic Jewellery

    Precious jewellery has been an embodiment of heritage and culture right across ancient times.

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  • Unique Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

    Creating A Lasting Experience- Unique Handcrafted Fine Jewellery by SW’s

    By bringing together artistic vision and craftmanship, Stephanie Wong knows how to create truly exclusive pieces.

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  • Future Heirlooms Jewellery

    The Sustainable Future Heirlooms Jewellery- From The Work Desk of Stephanie Wong’s

    Minimalist jewellery is making waves with Stephanie Wong’s collection of sustainable yet elegant pieces of art.

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  • Modern Fine Jewellery

    Redefining Timeless Pieces To Modern Fine Jewellery @ Stephanie Wong Jewellery

    Stephanie Wong’s is a minimal, modern, fine jewellery brand that transforms, silver and gold pieces into contemporary versatile designs for every day wear and any occasion.

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  • Edgy And Sustainably Made Jewellery

    Edgy Design AndTimeless Jewellery Pieces Which Spell Perfection-Stephanie Wong Jewellery

    Stephanie Wong has been crafting jewellery for almost 2 decades and her clients vouch for the sustainability and versatility that her designs carry forth. 

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