Product Care

All gemstones and gem-set jewellery should be stored individually in boxes and bags. 
If you keep stones such as tourmaline or topaz together in a bag they will damage each other. Brittle and soft stones, including organic material, require extra care – they should be stored separately away from any heat sources or chemical contact. 
Avoid wearing jewellery on the beach, at the pool, when working out, or to play sports so as to avoid knocks, scratches and damage to the stones. Wearing your jewelry should also be avoided when doing housework or gardening. 
Remove all jewellery before using cosmetics like lotion, perfume or face cream. The particles present in these cosmetics may become lodged in cavities and form a corrosive blend of materials that may eventually lead to premature discoloration of the metal and skin irritation. 
Diamonds can break, crack, and chip. Diamonds grow and crystallize with cleavage lines. If struck at the right angle and the right amount of impact, Diamonds can actually separate. Cleavage lines are the Diamonds weak spots. Diamonds are cut and shaped following these lines. 

Diamonds can chip at the edges. The edges are the weakest part of the diamond. A good strike at the right angle can take a section of the girdle away. Sometimes such hard strikes can fracture your diamond and turn it into pieces of cloudy sections.