About Stephanie


“No two pieces are alike; each has its own character that embraces its perfect imperfections….” The work of jewellery designer Stephanie Wong is firmly rooted in the traditional techniques of metalsmithing, upon which she experiments and creates modern, wearable pieces that showcase the unique character of each. Stephanie’s design inspiration stems from the organic forms and vivid colours of natural gemstones, and the malleability and shifting colours of precious metals. All her pieces are created from the traditional metalsmithing techniques of piercing, sawing, forging, fusing and soldering. This allows each inimitable piece to possess a truly exquisite handmade quality sought after by the discerning buyer.

             Following her successful careers in textile product design and personal style consultancy, Stephanie made foray into the amazing world of jewellery design in 2006 by taking local courses.  Seven years ago, when accompanying her husband out-stationed in the US, Stephanie started working with and learning from accomplished goldsmiths in Washington DC as well as Arizona in the US, namely Mr Daniel Valencia (jewelryclassdc) and Mr Michael David Sturlin (Michael Sturlin Studio). Concurrently, she broadened her knowledge of precious stones by taking courses conducted by the world’s authority GIA (Gemological Institute of America). While in the US she established her supplies of gemstones and materials from ethically-sourced and certified companies. Back in Singapore, she continues to research and has established similar supplies from other countries, to diversify her sources and secure competitive pricing.

            Stephanie currently works in her well equipped home studio.  Although it is a constant struggle to balance the time spent for/with the family and at her workbench, her two deep loves – family and work, reinforce and sustain each other.  In the midst of raising 4 lovely children aged 8 to 18 years with her husband, Stephanie works fortuitously to hone and at the same time broaden her skills to design and make beautiful jewellery creations using traditional techniques and ethically-sourced gemstones and materials.  Her life priorities and approach define the wholesome and traditionally (method) avant-garde (design) brand and image of Stephanie Wong Jewellery.