Artist's Statement

My artistic journey is deeply rooted in sustainability, both in design and craftsmanship. I create jewelry that seamlessly combines wearability, comfort, artistry, beauty, and durability. Utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques such as piercing, sawing, forging, fusing, and soldering, I craft each piece with painstaking precision. This approach bestows every creation with a unique and exquisite handmade quality that appeals to discerning buyers who appreciate the value of authenticity and timeless craftsmanship.


Handcrafted fine designer bangle Tourmaline and Rhodolite

What our customers say

"Stephanie is such a creative and meticulous jeweller. For every piece of jewellery she makes, I can sense her passion and joy in them. I call my bracelets "Happy" because that's how I feel when I wear them!" Eleanor (Singapore)

Red Onyx Sterling Silver Earrings

What our customers say

"Stephanie is one of the loveliest makers I had the pleasure of buying from. I am so glad I splashed out and bought the Green Aventurine earrings from her, which are often worn and enjoyed. The earrings have been crafted with great attention to detail. The back is as beautiful as the front. Much love and care went into the packaging too and the handwritten note and a gift of a stone from one maker to another was so thoughtful." Liz Wilson (Sydney, Australia)

What our customers say

"Stephanie always exceeds my expectations, her workmanship is excellent, and she always delivers exactly what I'm looking for. Her experience. knowledge and care for her craft is evident in each piece she makes. If you are looking for handmade jewellery to a high standard, I couldn't recommend Stephanie enough." Faith (Singapore)