September 07, 2018

Why Authentica?

By Stephanie Wong
Why Authentica?

Authentica Collection

Authentica Collection is my first collection and it was inspired by my love for harmonious colors and geometric shapes. When I started making jewelllery pieces, I worked mainly with Sterling Silver. By and by, I started to explore mixing yellow gold and Sterling Silver. I found that the brilliant yellow Gold popped out so beautifully against the patinated Sterling Silver as the mystical background, and the Authentica collection was born.

I use basic geometric pieces of yellow gold fused with the dark patinated Sterling Silver, and added colored gemstones or diamonds to imbue beautiful elements of surprise into the pieces. The pieces in this collection are so bold, so contemporary and so me! These designs are my first foray into a truly unique collection and brand that I wish to create. Hence I believe this collection clearly showcases my fascination for and creative juxtaposing of shapes and colours, and surprises when and where I least expect them!

Why Authentica? Authentica is the Latin word for Authentic. It has been an interesting journey for me to learn and discover this new art form of jewellery making, goldsmithing and gemology. For my first collection, I want it to be a journey into revealing the “authentic” me through this art form. 

Authentica will be the start of many more collections that will unfold the “authentic” me. I invite you to join me on this life journey, that I know will not be short of wonderment.


Life is a journey, not a destination.


Maybe the journey

isn’t so much about

becoming anything.

Maybe it’s about


everything that isn’t

really you,

so you can be who

you were meant to

be in the first place.          

~ []

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