November 22, 2017

My home studio

By Stephanie Wong
My home studio

Finally! I am so glad to be able to sit down and enjoy being surrounded by my workbench and in a space where I can allow my creative juices to flow. Thanks to my DIY specialist husband, I have fixed up a quaint little studio where I am now mostly found throughout the day. If you haven’t already known, I just moved back from being in the United States for three years, just a couple of months ago. Just before arriving in Singapore, my family and I travelled and explored the West Coast, going to places like San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and even a few suburban towns like Solvang… It was a fun and special adventure, however at the back of my mind, my hands were longing to start hammering away at a nugget of metal or start contemplating some new design. So, you can imagine how eager I was to start building up my studio once we touched down in Singapore. With the help of my husband, (and some decisiveness…) in less than a month, my studio was completed! Of course, it is not an exact replica of those gorgeous apartment studios that have been dotting my Pinterest, but it isn’t a far cry from it either! The only complaint I will have to make is that in the iconic tropical weather of Singapore (hot, humid and incredibly sticky), melting and hammering away at metals does work up a good sweat… but oh well, just one more thing to start readjusting to :)

I am now working on my new collection Authentica which reflects all that I love in design – colours and shapes – mixing metal colours, combining shapes and working with the infinite array of coloured gemstones and natural coloured diamonds. Stay tuned for new designs as I put my new little studio to full use :)

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My bench




Soldering station!



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