October 16, 2019


By Stephanie Wong

I created several mini-collections between the first Authentica Collection and the latest collection - INTERTWINED. It’s been more than a year since my last post and so yes, I haven’t been as diligent in writing as making & creating new jewellery pieces & collections :)

For those of you who follow me on Instagram @stephaniewongjewellery you may be more up to date to what have been happening at my bench and my new creations since September 2018! That said, I do apologise to those who are not my Insta followers… 

I launched the latest mini-collection - INTERTWINED a few days ago and I would like to share the inspiration for this collection. It continues from my journey that started with the Authentica collection, in discovering more of me …. or should I say the unbecoming of who I am that is not really me.

INTERTWINED is a collection of creations in Sterling Silver and oxidised Sterling Silver, and centred on interlinked lines. The interconnected lines reflect my life journey at this moment in time.

During the past year, spending at most 16 hours per week at my bench, I have learned that practice makes perfect but does not guarantee perfection, as there were days when the simplest task like soldering a jump ring can go wrong! I have learned there are various ways to go about making something. I just need to be opened to different ways of doing things. This has also taught me the virtue of humility… to be humble to acknowledge there are always better ways to complete a task, to accept changes and to always listen, see and try to understand what others are going through… I have also come across a lot of like-minded  people in the jewellery community, fellow goldsmiths, gemologists, gem dealers and of course, my clients that have been most supportive and encouraging of my work - although we are miles apart in the physical world, we have managed to form friendship bonds across the virtual space thanks to the ubiquitous internet.

As a budding goldsmith, as for all art forms, I believe the best of me is present at the bench. Every little detail, movement, thought and action count. Every step of the whole creative process is important because it affects the next. Thus, the interlinked lines in my design.

INTERTWINED is all about the unbecoming of who I am that is not really me, through others and through our interconnectedness. There is no separateness. We are never alone in this world.

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