July 01, 2021

Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Spread The Love With Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery Pieces From SW’s

Fuelled by the desire to find and spread beauty, Stephanie Wong’s line of handcrafted artisan jewellery is an influence among discerning buyers.

Crafting around the infinite strength and radiance of natural objects, SW’s line of jewellery is beyond words to define.

Wong’s creations are deeply rooted in traditional techniques, upon which she experiments with designs and features inspired from organic forms and vivid colours of natural gemstones to create unique character of each. As jewellery artisan SW’s collections are inspired by multiple factors around nature and beauty. Each of her jewellery piece is filled with uniqueness and charm. Right from her Fairies paintings collection which features the beauty of Dendric Agate, like little paintings in a gemstone, to her Authentica collection which is crafted in oxidized sterling silver- there is a dash of expression in each.

Stephanie’s life and priorities define the traditional and wholesome approach towards her brand and image at Stephanie Wong’s.


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