June 30, 2021

Contemporary Fine Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Classically Timeless & Fashionably Fresh: Contemporary Fine Jewellery Collection By Stephanie Wong

SW Jewellery is a contemporary fine jewellery line that defines versatility of hand-crafted pieces. Our elegantly designed sophisticated pieces can be adorned for any occasion and time. At Stephanie’s all her pieces are created from traditional metalsmithing techniques of forging, sawing, piercing, fusing and soldering. This makes each hand carved piece to have an unprecedented beauty of its own.

Stephanie made her way into the jewellery design industry nearly two decades ago and since then she has never looked back.

Stephanie Wong ‘s Jewellery design are a representation of the organic and raw beauty of natural gemstones and precious metals. She uses her power of creation to breath in life to the most simplistic elements and recreate magic from them. With six wonderful collections in her hat namely- Intertwined, Fairies Paintings, Authentica, LesColores,Starry Night, and Ellipse– Sky is the limit for Stephanie.

As an artist her idea behind design is to produce sustainable pieces which are comfortable, durable, artful, wearable and elegant. SW’s Contemporary fine jewellery is produced from ethically sourced quality material which comes from different corners of the globe. That is why every piece of jewellery at SW’s is unique and special in itself.

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