July 12, 2021

Unique Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Creating A Lasting Experience- Unique Handcrafted Fine Jewellery by SW’s

By bringing together artistic vision and craftmanship, Stephanie Wong knows how to create truly exclusive pieces. Unmatched and unrivalled for her art and presentation techniques, every collection under the Stephanie Wong label is a phenomenal embodiment of elegance and vibrance.

Stephanie’s appreciation for beauty around her and combined with her creative vision gave way to the most aesthetically appealing and gorgeous pieces. Ingrained with contemporary and non-contemporary elements, her collection is never defined by limits or the obvious.

Instead, there is always a fresh appeal to even the tiniest piece of craftmanship that leaves her work desk. As an artist Stephanie presents rare skills that are passed down traditionally and surface sheer talent. With every unique handcrafted fine jewellery piece, Stephanie sends out her vision and inspiration around the creation of that piece. Intrigued by the symbolism of various natural phenomenon’s, Stephanie based her collection on the mystery and vibrance of her values and experience. Her designs are known for their energetic appeal, aesthetics and inflated designs, which is why she is stands out and has something different to contribute to her industry.

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