July 05, 2021

Oxidized Silver and Gold Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Trendy Oxidized Silver & Gold Jewellery Pieces Which Spell Magic@ SW’s

Stephanie Wong’s timeless treasures are all crafted and hand-finished at her well-equipped home studio. Her distinctive collection of oxidized silver and gold pieces draw inspiration from various sources which include nature, memories, traditions, geometry and the vivid colours of gemstones and metals.

Stephanie forges and forms precious metals and delicate gemstones into elegant and lovely keepsakes for the wearer to rejoice for a lifetime. The Intertwined collection at SW’s is crafted out of silver which has undergone the process of layering of a black layer of patina over it. This is done to render a blackened tarnished antique look to the jewellery pieces. The black effect to silver makes it appear archaic and stunning while traditional and authentic at the same time. A fascinating collection of oxidized jewellery pieces are available at Stephanie Wong’s including bracelet, earrings, necklaces/ pendants and rings. Her Starry nights collection plays around the beauty of patinated textured sterling silver coated to create the effect of the dark sky.

Adorning this uniquely modern collection can add a splash of sophistication to whatever outfit you plan on wearing for any occasion.

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