July 13, 2021

Modern Nostalgic Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Traditional PracticesModernDesigns- The Vibrant Collection of Modern Nostalgic Jewellery

Precious jewellery has been an embodiment of heritage and culture right across ancient times. Stephanie Wong Jewellery Line is a collection of sophisticated handcrafted pieces which present the spirit of modern nostalgic jewellery.

With a mission to capture the elegance and majestic form of nature crafted from the finest quality metal and gemstones, SW Jewellery is derived upon various themes including the natural phenomenon’s, colours and vividness of nature, the beauty of thought and the mysteries of geometry.

Wong’s work ensures that each and every piece of jewellery designed on her work desk has its own unique and mysterious appeal. On a bold mission to redefine and capture the power of minimalism and traditional techniques, Stephanie Wong’s collection has well-defined and distinctive features, prioritizing on the highest quality standards.

A true representation of ornamental heritage and the essence behind those magical cuts and curves is the value upon which the designer basis her collection. Stephanie is a firm believer is laying value to the elements and people we surround ourselves with- be it family or nature.The work of Stephanie Wong is firmly rooted in the traditional techniques of metalsmithing, upon which she experiments and creates modern, wearable pieces that showcase the unique character of each.


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