June 29, 2021

Modern heirlooms

By Stephanie Wong

Transforming Raw To Create Timeless: A Journey Across Traditional Metalsmithing Techniques

At Stephanie Wong Jewellery, even the tiniest creation on the work desk undergoes an extensive process of designing, refining, hammering, soldering, filing, shaping, sanding and polishing.

Every hand fabricated piece is a unique outcome of our modern heirloom where traditional techniques meet new world tools and designs. In Stephanie’s own words:“No two pieces are alike; each has its own character that embraces its perfect imperfections….”, this is how complex yet unique is the idea behind handcrafted jewellery.

Stephanie Wong’s collection is deeply embedded in traditional metalsmithing techniques on the backdrop of which she recreates modern versatile pieces which have a story to tell. Her design is inspired from the vivid tones of natural gemstones and their organic existence. For the base she transpires the malleability of precious metals into her design. With this, each of her pieces possesses exquisite handmade quality sought after by jewellery enthusiasts.

Stephanie has been a part of the jewellery design industry for nearly two decades and is adept at quality and grading. Her client base vouches on her ethically sourced quality material and designing skills which ensure that every bit of her collection is beyond the reminiscence of this world.

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