June 28, 2021

Handcrafted jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Each Handcrafted Jewellery Has A Story To Tell: Here’sOurs

Our “Intertwined” collection embodies the spirit of freedom and versatility. Hand carved Intertwined lines accentuated with modern elements, makes this elegant collection contemporary yet unique. Sparkling with a whiff of solemn beauty, my handcrafted pieces are distinctive in design and carved out of the quality.

“Intertwined” collection is inspired by the majestic in subtle, the versatility in contemporary and the magic in geometry. Every step of the whole creative process is a precursor to the next and thus my design is a portrayal of this course with interlinked lines.

As a creator, my vision is to capture and redefine the meaning of contemporary hand-craftedjewellery. Every carve and curve in my design represents the true essence of beauty and celebrates the wonders of mystery and sophistication through mere presence.

If I had to capture the idea behind “Intertwined” In my own words:

 “INTERTWINED is all about the unbecoming of who I am that is not really me, through others and through our interconnectedness. There is no separateness. We are never alone in this world.” 

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