July 09, 2021

Future Heirlooms Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

The Sustainable Future Heirlooms Jewellery- From The Work Desk of Stephanie Wong’s

Minimalist jewellery is making waves with Stephanie Wong’s collection of sustainable yet elegant pieces of art. Her collection comes from future heirlooms jewellery designs which are crafted out of passion and appreciation for nature and its beauty.

Nature defines geometry, vivid and vibrant colours, textures and phenomenon’s-and the collections at Stephanie Wong are a depiction of the same. The other most omniscient theme of her designs is the fondness for traditional practices and designs.

The work of jewellery designer Stephanie Wong is firmly rooted in the traditional techniques of metalsmithing, upon which she experiments and creates modern, wearable pieces that showcase the unique character of each. Stephanie’s design inspiration stems from the organic forms and vivid colours of natural gemstones, and the malleability and shifting colours of precious metals. All her pieces are created from the traditional metalsmithing techniques of piercing, sawing, forging, fusing and soldering. This allows each inimitable piece to possess a truly exquisite handmade quality sought after by the discerning buyer.

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