July 07, 2021

Edgy And Sustainably Made Jewellery

By Stephanie Wong

Edgy Design AndTimeless Jewellery Pieces Which Spell Perfection-Stephanie Wong Jewellery

Stephanie Wong has been crafting jewellery for almost 2 decades and her clients vouch for the sustainability and versatility that her designs carry forth. All her collections are defined by the essence of minimalism and beauty.

Original, edgy, unique and colourful, SW’s collection is inspired by the vibrance of nature and its mysterious elements like gemstones and metals.

Stephanie’s design inspiration come from the organic forms and vivid colours of natural gemstones, and the malleability and shifting colours of precious metals. All her pieces are created from the traditional metalsmithing techniques of piercing, sawing, forging, fusing and soldering. This allows each inimitable piece to possess a truly exquisite handmade quality sought after by the discerning buyer.


The work of jewellery designer Stephanie Wong is firmly embedded in the traditional techniques of metalsmithing, upon which she experiments and creates edgy, sustainable, modern, wearable pieces that showcase the unique character of each. 


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